5 Most Usual Garage Door Problems

A garage door installation at your home in Colleyville serves many purposes like entry/exit to the house, a storage space, your car parking space, and more. It keeps your home and property secure. But are you aware that your garage door can have many hidden hazards and issues?

Lack of timely garage door repair from service professionals in Colleyville can result in unforeseen issues or accidents. As experts in garage door repair in Colleyville, we advise you to keep an eye on some of the most common garage door problems for the safety of your family and property. Here are five most usual garage door problems that can happen for after its installation in Colleyville.

1. Bent Garage Doors

Severe weather and high wind conditions can cause damage to your garage door. It can lead to dents and bending issues with garage doors. Ask a professional garage door repair specialist in Colleyville and get it storm proofed. Add heavy-duty braces to provide another level of support to the middle of the garage doors.

2. Garage Door Fallen Off Track

Did your garage door fall off the track?

It can happen anytime, whether due to a broken torsion spring or an accidental heavy impact. It results in garage door opening/closing issues. Regardless of the reason, get it fixed at once before it causes further damage to your property.

3. Hardware Issues

Is your garage door making loud screeching noises?

When your garage door begins to make noises, it’s a sign the bolts and hinges have got loosened over time. Get your garage door inspected by installation professionals in Colleyville to pinpoint faulty hardware issues. Do the necessary repairs or replacement of hardware parts and clean them occasionally for smooth operations.

4. Balance Issues

Periodically examine for issues with balance in your garage door tension levels. First, check the photo eye sensors whether it is functioning appropriately or not. Then disengage the garage door opener and pull the opener release handle to lower it to mid-level.

  • If your garage door holds the position, it is OK.
  • If it falls quickly, you need to raise the tension level.
  • If it rolls back up, then lower the tension level to restore balance.

Neglecting the balance issues in your garage door can hamper its cable or spring system leading to any future untoward incident.

5. Faulty Springs, Rods, Rollers, etc.,

Issues in opening/closing your garage door properly can happen also due to faults in springs, rods, rollers, sensors, etc. Therefore, do a visual inspection routinely to check for any broken pieces or hinges. The moment you notice anything, contact your garage door repair professional in Colleyville to get it fixed.


Daily use of a garage door leads to wear and tear. The key to managing garage door repair problems in Colleyville lies in routine inspection and servicing. Whenever you find a garage door problem, get it fixed without delay to avoid further damages.

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