Some Mistakes Why Garage Doors Come Off Track

Garage doors are heavy (300lbs plus). Whether it is a residential or commercial garage door, regular use leads to faster wear and tear. Garage door off track is one of the most common problems everyone faces sooner or later.

As it’s a huge moving component in your home, it can be distinctly dangerous when it comes off the track. It increases the risk of injuries. Before it happens to you, understand the reasons that cause the garage door to get off the track and keep yourself and your family safe from any harm.

Some Mistakes Why Garage Door Come Off Track

#1     Your Car

Yes, it sounds silly; but it is true!

It can happen even to the best car drivers, but commonly homeowners hit garage doors with their cars. The reasons are getting late to work, rushing to get home, or not paying adequate attention while attempting to enter/exit the garage before the door fully opened.

The bottom sections of the garage door mostly take the brunt of the damage. Even if your car moves as slow as 3-mph, it can still cause significant damage causing it to come off the tracks.

In such instances, avoid attempting to lift the garage door or repairing it. Turn off your car and leave the garage immediately. Call a professional garage door repair person for the job.

#2     Poor Quality/ Worn Out Horizontal Tracks

Each time you open the garage door, the horizontal tracks bear most of the burnt. If they are old/made from low gauge steel, even a minor impact can bend/break them.

Always have tracks made with 14-gauge steel and reinforce them periodically to prevent inward/outward bending. Get them aligned parallel with the vertical ones. It will stop bracket bolts from coming loose, preventing the garage door from getting off track.

#3     Worn Out Rollers

Even one or two worn-out rollers can complicate things with your garage door. It adds extra stress to the other rollers and causes the horizontal tracks to bend.

Get rollers with at least 10-ball bearings and appropriate size (short stem rollers for single garage door, long stem rollers for double garage door). Check them routinely for frictions while opening and closing. Call garage door services for routine servicing to keep them running smoothly.

#4     Broken Lift Cables

Most garage doors have two lift cables, one on either side of the door. If you have an older garage door opener, it could put your garage door at risk. Garage door openers operate by winding the cables around a drum. When either of the cables fails to get wind correctly, it can unravel and break under sudden stress causing the garage door to come off track.

In such situations, contact your local garage door professional for repair and ensure proper lift cables installation.


The issue of the garage door falling off the track is grave. Hire a professional and never neglect its maintenance.

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